I was scrolling through google, and bumped into this website. It deals with my subject, Asian Americans in the Hollywood Industry. The website was called #StarringJohnCho. As I examined through the whole website, I find the page credible. Why I find it credible will be listed down below, as I give you reasons.


The website, #StaringJohnCho was created by a guy names Will Yu. In Yu’s lifetime, his career experiences started at Bodega in Boston, MA as a Digital Marketing in Jan 2012-Dec 2013. He continues his career as a Account Management at Young & Rubicam, in New York, NY in January 2014. He then continues to be an intern at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and American Association of Advertising Agencies, in New York, NY from June to August 2014. Now as of today, Yu works with SapientNitro,in New York, NY. He started as a Junior Associate, Interactive Program Manager, in Sept 2014-Aug 2015 then as a Associate, Associate, Interactive Program Manager in August of 2015 to February of 2016. Currently he is apart of the Marketing Strategy & Analysis. He studied at Tufts University, Somerville, MA. He majored in the Bachelor Arts in English, Minor in Communications and Media Studies. He attended Milton Academy in Milton, MA and received his high school diploma. I believe Will Yu is qualified to talk about this topic because he has so much credibility from his past careers. It builds up his ethos to where he is today. Especially since Yu is an Asian American, his relatability and expressing about an issue on Asian Americans in the United States would be familiar. His link to his homepage is WillYu.com. You can contact him by his email, williamkuehoyu@gmail.com, and all his social media account @Its_WillYu.


The intended audience for this website can be for anyone, but it is mainly for Asian Americans. The web page is to show that Asian Americans can show off their best side, no matter what film they are being casted in. The website shows information that helps persuade, inform, and teach the audience that you don’t have to be a Caucasian stereotypical male to be in the Hollywood industry. Asian Americans have to push boundaries and prove to the world that Asians can be the fit for the role.


His website is full of information that is made for a propaganda. He photoshops an Asian American actor onto many posters that mainly have Caucasian males in it. Yu’s perspective shown on the website is not impartial nor point-of-view objective. Rather his website is emotion-rousing and Bias. Yu shows it by having hyperlinks to other sources, and a Twitter forum to prove that he is not the only one who thinks that this is an issue. Yu’s website is short and straight to the point. He explains why he started this trend and wants people to keep promoting the website. Yu is not in a specific organization that deals with this topic but he has been in different organizations. Yu has been affiliated with a organization project called “Project Untold”. According to Yu’s Linkedin, “I started Project Untold, SapientNitro’s internship project that asks 9 interns to Tell An Unforgettable Story. I managed the team and provided strategic and creative direction as they tackled a project that stressed collaboration and digital experimentation.”

Accuracy, Reliability and Credibility:

From what I see, Yu list sources that have no credibility to sources that have strong credibility. He sourced website with none to some credibility like wikipedia, Teen Vogue, MTV, and Buzzfeed. He also include sources that have strong credibility like NBC News, NYtimes, NPR and The New republic. He does have the sources cited at the end of the page and have them hyperlinked. I did not find any institution that supports the information but Yu does use sources from an institution, specifically UCLA edu report.


Currency and Links:

According to his Linkedin, his latest project, #starringJohhnyCho was posted on May 2016. The update of the website is unknown since it has just recently came out. Each link on the website deals with the topic of Asian Americans in Hollywood or dealing with the diversity in the Hollywood industry. There is one link that is a dead end, which the picture of Scarlett Johannson. Yu linked sources to his website like NYtimes, MTV, Mashables, Teen vogue, Buzzfeed, NBC News, UCLA edu report, NPR, and etc.



Overall, Yu’s website gives a modern theme, he links to websites that are still used in current times. He uses social media to connect to his audience and to be able to have a chance to communicate with his followers. His website include sources that have strong credibility, making his work strong and making it believable that he is serious about this topic.



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