As writers, we address about a problem in our topic but we rarely introduce another side to it. When we do establish another aspect to the subject, we talk about what other’s feel and their point of view. Due to my previous papers, I talked about why Asians aren’t being accepted in the entertainment culture. Today, I am going to introduce an observation on a organization group that can help Asian Americans advance into the Hollywood world. The Organization that I am talking about today is called CAAMMEDIA. For my paper, I want to discover how can people, whether if you’re Asian American or not to help Asians be known in Hollywood.

What is White Washing ?:

In the Hollywood industry, majority of race groups are accepted into the world of media, TV, and film. While Asian Americans are still not being accepted and the roles of Asian characters are played by Caucasians, this description is also known as “White-Washing”.

According to, “Whitewashing or Yellowface has been happening since 1915 in films and TV.” Caucasian Actors would portray the roles of Asians by using stereotypes. Another way of imitation is the use of cosmetics, actors would use makeup to have a similar facial description like the  eyes and mouth shape of an Asian.

Ever since then Asian Americans haven’t been pushing the effort to make a change of acceptance. According to a article, Where The Fierce Asians At, Margaret Cho says, “It’s this exclusion in Hollywood with whitewashing and being at the bottom of the heap when it comes to racial relationships. When it comes to racial relationships it’s always white or black, rarely do we get to Asians. Asians are at the very bottom of the invisibility skill. It’s down with Latinos and Chicanos. It’s pushed down with the fight between white and black people.”

Now in 2016, Asian Americans are standing up for themselves in the media industry. With recent films having to deal with Whitewashing, Asians are not giving any more chances to film companies. They aren’t proud of the way they are being represented in the industry.

Join Asian American Media Organizations!:

After addressing on the issue, one way we can allow Asians to be more accepted in the industry is to join organization like, Media organizations are groups that help upcoming artists or individuals that want to grow in the film, broadcast or media field. CAAM, which is also known as The Center for Asian American Media, they are non profit organization group that shares the richness and diversity of Asian American skills in media. According to, “For 35 years, CAAM has exposed audiences to new voices and communities, advancing our collective understanding of the American experience through programs specifically designed to engage the Asian American community and the public at large. Since 1990, more than $3 million [have] been granted to over 150 projects. Funding is made possible with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.” CAAM helps individuals by producing, funding, distributing, and displaying the work of Asian Americans in film, television, and digital media. CAAM helps funding and support independent filmmakers for Asian American films, and media projects.

CAAM also owns a media festival called the CAAMFEST, which is also formerly known as the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. The movie festival is hosted in Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. Although CAAMFEST is a film festival they also showcase Asian ethnic food and music. Now if you want to get involved with CAAMFEST, it is simple. You go search for their website, Select the tab of “Get Involved”. Then there a few selections that you can choose from. You can become a member and be able to attend to the festivals and other showcases. The second way is to become a sponsor, by being a sponsor, you can help create a better showcases and other platform experiences better for the audience, and independent filmmakers. Lastly, you can be a volunteer, by becoming a volunteer, you can help CAAMFEST and other showcases to run smoothly and represent a good image of CAAM.

Overall, There are many other organizations that help out individuals like CAAM. With the process that Asian Americans are leading, the power and will that they have. They will soon reach to the point where Asian Americans will be acknowledged. Not having to worry about white washing and discrimination from Caucasians, and the media.


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