Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Celebrities are taking over the world by a storm and it’s not even a shock. But you know what is shocking, is that Asian Americans are not with these celebrities when they take over. Celebrities are big influences to many people. They are seen and shown everywhere, from radio interviews to the big screen; you can’t go anywhere without knowing what every celebrity is up to in their daily life. However, Asian American actors and actresses seems to have been missing the limelight. According to Complex, Where Are All the Asian Americans in Hollywood?, Asian Americans are misrepresented in the film industry even though, “Asian Americans aspire for the bright lights, many of them have struggled to land blockbuster roles.” Due to their limited screenings in movies and shows, Asian Americans do not qualify for big roles in showbiz. The matter of the fact that other celebrities have taken on bigger roles, producers and directors are more willing to choose someone with more screen time experience, in comparison to a celebrity who has not. Even though Asian Americans are believed to not have been casted for roles due to their limited resume, those who are in charge do not give them the same advantage and privilege, therefore, resulting in missed opportunities. Although most Asian American actors and actresses have not been casted for many roles, but those who have, can turn to their community and influence younger generations to create change in the production and promote determination to take on challenges in regards to the film industry.

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