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While others may believe that Asian Americans are not given any chances to become more involved with the film industry, I believe that directors and producers prefer to choose an A-list celebrity rather than an actor that fits for the role of that character. This results in having Asian American actors and actresses segregated from other actors and actresses who have big roles in major films, while they get chosen for smaller roles. According to an interview by Hollywood Report with Maggie Q in Where Are the Asian-American Movie Stars? By Rebecca Sun and Rebecca Ford, Maggie Q expresses her thoughts about Asian Americans in the industry by saying, “Nothing can be more frustrating than the fact that there aren’t enough roles that [Hollywood] allows us, and then to take a role that is written Asian and turn it into one that you can no longer be considered for is adding insult to complete injury.” Asian Americans in the hollywood industry have a more difficult time landing a role in a major film in comparison to an actor who is also fighting to get the same role, but has a more credible resume. The choice of picking a credible actor for a role hurts the chances of Asian American actors wanting to be more successful in the entertainment industry because it lessens their chances of getting chosen for future roles. Which is also another reason why Asian Americans do not have many role models in this industry for the future

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