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Call to Action pt 2: – Giving back to your community

Asian American celebrities have surpassed through the struggling course of auditioning for a role and making it onto the big screen. Due to their success, they have become a role model for Asian Americans and other minorities to pursue a career in the film industry. Considering that they are the role models of Asian Americans, they have a civic duty of giving back to their own cultural community. According to Lori Kido Lopez’s Asian American Media Activism: Fighting for Cultural Citizenship, Lopez shares how Asian American actors give back to their community by stating “For Asian American celebrities, supporting a charity or nonprofit demonstrates one way to mobilize their fans into civic action–by turning their participation (their viewership) into monetary donations for a charity or by encouraging their viewers to donate directly. This mobilization is a commendable use of their social power, but we must also note that charity is not the same as activism.” Lopez continues by stating, “In doing so, Asian American Youtubers are following in the footsteps of the many mainstream celebrities who also deploy their celebrity toward charitable causes.” Examples of celebrities who give back to their community are actors like Randall Park and Ki Hong Lee. Randall Park, who is featured in a sitcom show, Fresh Off The Boat and Ki Hong Lee, who co-stars in the film series, The Maze Runner, have both given back to organizations like Hilarity for Charity and ISATV, which are charities that give back to the community. Before either of them were famous, they were both partnered with Asian youtube stars like Wong Fu Productions; creating short films, and skits that became into a viral video. Now in 2016, Lee and Park are famous in the hollywood industry and are still giving back to youtube and other organizations, even after their stardom.

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