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Asian Americans may not currently have many actors in the entertainment industry but there are a lot of aspiring actors and actresses that are striving to be in a film. Majority of the directors and producers have not given these ambitious actors the attention that Asians are wanting for. However, they are willing to fight for their way to the movie industry, hoping that any director or producer would accept them for who they are in the film industry. By joining organizations like CAPE, you can develop skills that can be beneficial in the entertainment industry. Another way to help rise into the Hollywood industry is giving back to the community and supporting other aspiring Asian Americans actors and actresses by collaborating on platforms like youtube. Slowly but surely, Asian Americans will rise to stardom and be able to express diversity in films, ensuring that each actor and actress have equal chances in a film role. Allowing more Asian Americans to be on the screen, gives them more places for actions to display their influences for the next generation. Giving the anticipation of many aspiring actors and actresses that they will make it into the hollywood industry. Although Asian Americans actors and actresses have not been given the same opportunities as other stars, I believe that they will rise up to the big screen and influence everyone to take action and support other minorities who also aspire to be in the film industry.


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