Representation of Asians in the Hollywood Industry

Be Loud. Be Proud.


For the 5th part, click here Conclusion: Asian Americans may not currently have many actors in the entertainment industry but there are a lot of aspiring actors and actresses that are striving to be in a film. Majority of the... Continue Reading →


The Center for Asian American Media

As writers, we address about a problem in our topic but we rarely introduce another side to it. When we do establish another aspect to the subject, we talk about what other’s feel and their point of view. Due to... Continue Reading →

The Audience, The Director, and The Movie.

  The common question of this topic is usually asked Why aren’t there many Asians or Asians American in the Hollywood Industry? The answer is unknown but there have been many theories to the question. One of the theories states... Continue Reading →


I was scrolling through google, and bumped into this website. It deals with my subject, Asian Americans in the Hollywood Industry. The website was called #StarringJohnCho. As I examined through the whole website, I find the page credible. Why I... Continue Reading →

Oscars. Show Some Color.

Analysis on “Another Oscar Year, Another All-White Ballot” Not so Diverse Oscar’s: Rhetorical Strategies in Buckley’s “Another Oscar Year, Another All-White Ballot” Does The Oscar awards have a system based that's based on numbers of Caucasian actors in the film?... Continue Reading →

Asians in White Washed Hollywood

  MY PERSONAL STORY: I chose this topic because it caught my attention that Asians are rarely shown in the hollywood industry. The population of Asians in the United States cover 5.6 %. What I don’t understand is why the media... Continue Reading →

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